Great Service

I visited the Isle of Wight recently with my RS Escort to attend the Takeover show. Unfortunately the day before I was due to return home I had a front wheel bearing failure. Luckily I came across this garage. They attended to my trouble straightaway. They collected my car from my hotel, ordered the parts from the mainland & had it all fixed the next day in time for my ferry home!!
They even gave me a tour of their premises.
I cannot thank them enough. GREAT service from Julie, Mark, Matt & young Richard who did the repair for me.
Getting the parts for a 38 year old Ford the NEXT day was incredible.

Thanks very much, I wish I could leave you more than 5 stars.

Hope you enjoyed your sausage rolls 🙂

All the best Simon

Polite, friendly and professional service.

Huge thanks to folks at Wiltons. I rang as my sunroof was seized open…they said come down and we ll look.Half an hour later Mark worked some magic and got it functioning again! Polite, friendly and professional service. Thankyou so much.

Exceptional service

Exceptional service. Pulled out all the stops to get us mobile on the same day after the suspension broke on our Ford Galaxy. Highly recommended.


Bought a car from Matt recently, he went above and beyond to make sure the car was spotless when we picked it up. The car is great and I would have no hesitation in recommending Wiltons. Thanks again Matt for the excellent service.


Arrived Isle of Wight Friday 7/1/22 afternoon.
“Jump” into car Saturday lunchtime to go get provisions and CRACK !
N/S/F suspension collapsed ?
What now! We’re only here till Thursday, midday ferry ?
Never been to the island before, know absolutely nobody, apartment owners don’t drive – can’t recommend anybody….
Grab internet, ring round frantically – everywhere closed !
Leave messages where could (not expecting any to ring back – we’re from London ?)
Read reviews, plump for Wilton’s.
Troubled sleep Sat/Sun nights.
1st thing Monday (8:05) ring them, spoke to Julie. Said ‘Got 4 recovery’s in the queue, can you get it to us? (About a mile away) Then we’ll do our best’.
Have excellent reviews, so let’s go for it.
No problem as have breakdown cover.
(Britannia Rescue did excellent job getting it there by 9:30 !)
Busy Monday morning so could only start 11:30, but wow!
They phoned 1:30, with estimate for 2 new springs and brilliant news that should be ready today !!
3pm, READY for collection ! Would deliver but no personnel right now, but can drive to house if I can drop back and pay.
No problem! Arrive there to pay and is around £50 cheaper than estimate ?
Oh happy day ??????
Thank you, ALL involved ????????????